Female perspectives on courage

For a few lucky people life seems to hold no fear. For the rest of us there are things, large and small, that can make our knees knock, our hands shake and our hearts tremble. There are times we wish we were braver.

Becoming braver is surprisingly simple.

All we have to do is decide to be braver and then act that way.

Just because it is simple doesn’t make it easy.

Suppose I want to be braver…..

Where do I start?
How brave am I already?
What will inspire me to carry out brave acts?

This site is here to help with those questions and more………

So if you would like to discover some possible starting points or maybe you just feel curious about what your personal fear zone might look like try our new BRAVEOMETER™.

It takes roughly 10 minutes to click through some quick questions at the end of which you will get your own unique fear zone map and a few ideas for things that can help people like you and me be braver in our everyday lives. Click here to find out how it works and see an example of the kind of question you will be asked

All the results are confidential to you. We do not collect any personal information about you. If at the end when you look at your report you have questions you can contact us on hello@braverthanyouthink.co.uk.